Compassionate storytelling carries us through
to the other side of trauma and grief.


Liz Crocker is a businesswoman, writer, health consultant and teacher. She is one of the founding owners of Woozles, Canada’s oldest children's bookstore, and she co-founded Frog Hollow Books and P’Lovers, a network of environmental stores. Liz moved to the world of medicine and created the internationally-celebrated Child Life Department at the IWK Children’s Hospital, and has since become a vocal champion for improving the quality and safety of healthcare interactions in her community, nationally, and internationally. She currently serves as an Honorary Trustee of the IWK Hospital Foundation; as Board Member of Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council; and as Vice-Chair and Board Member of IPFCC. She has worked as a Simulated Patient and Clinical Teaching Associate with the Dalhousie School of Medicine, and served as Treasurer and President of the Association for the Care of Children’s Health and President of the Canadian Institute of Child Health.

Liz is the author of two children's books and hundreds of articles in books, magazines, and newspapers. In 2006, along with Bev Johnson (President/CEO of the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care), she co-authored Privileged Presence, a collection of stories about experiences in health care with a focus on communication, collaboration, and compassion. A second edition was published in 2014. She also edited the book, The Healing Circle: Reclaiming Wholeness on the Cancer Journey, Integrating Science, Wisdom and Compassion, which was published in 2010. Her most recent book, published in 2017, is titled Transforming Memories: Sharing Spontaneous Writing Using Loaded Words.

I live by the ocean. I hear birds in the morning, sometimes before the sun rises, and I see the stars at night. I live alone, but nature surrounds me and is perfect company. I am enriched by fascinating daughters, intriguing grandchildren, and playful and supportive friends. I aim to give and receive love and kindness as best I can, keep an open mind, and appreciate all the experiences that are behind and ahead of me. —Liz Crocker




Healing Words: Writing Your Way to Compassion and Health, October 2017

Research shows that writing about traumatic or challenging experiences benefits both psychological and physical health. This experiential session will review some of this research and offer tools for self-care for healthcare professionals, engaging participants in a variety of spontaneous writing exercises.


November 2017



Dalhousie University Medical School Humanities’ Program Halifax, NS

Inviting and Using Stories to Improve the Quality and Safety of Healthcare Encounters  (April 2017)

Atlantic Learning Exchange: Canadian Patient Safety Institute Charlottetown, PEI

The Art of Asking Questions and Listening to Patients and Families – a Simple Pathway to a Safety Culture  (May 2017)


Experience Conference Moncton, NB


Curiosity and Kindness — Simple and Profound Pathways to Patient and Family-Centered Care  (November 2016)